Automated Crypto Trading

Growing our investments with minimal risk

Minimizing Risk

Our proprietary crypto currency trading algorithm uses market volatility to generate profit and never executes a trade at a loss.

Accelerated Company Earnings

Our trading algorithm micro analyzes the market to ensure every trade is executed at its maximum profit potential.

Stable Returns

Actively minimizing risk enables us to have high profits and ensures we are capable of exponentially expanding our wealth.

The Core of our Growth

Extreme discipline with efficient adaptation to volatile markets. Our proprietary trading algorithm embodies all the characteristics of a powerhouse trader without the need for sleep.

Actively analyzing the markets 86,400 times a day

Our algorithm never misses key price fluctuations

Making efficient data-driven trades without emotion

Trading 24/7 on a global marketplace

Our algorithm is highly disciplined and never trades at a loss

Sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting


Appealing Outlook

The marketplace is strong and in a state of constant growth. Our trading algorithm makes us confident we can capture that growth and prosper.

Crypto Currencies Are Taking The World By Storm

At BlockFund Inc we fully believe the decentralized, anonymous, and secure nature of crypto currencies make them a force to be reckoned with. Despite this, crypto currency investments are considered risky and require constant attention due to their infamously volatile markets. This is what inspired us to find a solution in the form of a data-driven, risk-neutralizing trading algorithm that harnesses the volatility to grow our investments with every trade executed.

Buy Low, Sell High

The Golden Rule of investment is at the core of our trading algorithm. We only execute trades when our algorithm indicates a larger macro trend is occurring.

Neutralize Risk

We take a large investment and divide it up into tens or hundreds of small chunks in order to reduce as much risk as possible. We have developed multiple safeguards to ensure we never execute a trade at a loss.

Not Just Bitcoin

Our platform currently supports these rising stars in the crypto currency markets:

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Who Are We?

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    "The crypto currency market is growing, but it is very volatile. To solve that problem we designed and created a trading algorithm that actively captures growth and reduces the risk of investing in the crypto currency market."

    Elias Baez
    CEO, Co-Founder, Software Engineer
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    “I see the huge potential of digital currencies as our world becomes increasingly interconnected. I want to help dispel the misinformation out there about crypto currencies and build trust in what is today considered a risky investment”

    Uriel Baez
    Co-Founder, Software Engineer

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